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Project description

Funded by the MPDL, the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science develops a series of prototypical services for digitization and presentation of historical sources.

These services constitute

  1. A workflow for developing texts in an XML format that represent historical sources including Data Entry Specifications and an XML Schema for the generation of well-formed documents (wiki).
  2. A repository and web based content access mechanism for these texts that incorporates language technology, which will be built upon the MPDL infrastructure and will be publicly web-accessible (wiki).
  3. mapPIT, an Open Geographic Information network for the retrieval of scientifically relevant geo-information.
  4. Virtual Spaces, a software for generating virtual exhibitions.

More information can be found on the respective wikis and project pages.
Project description on the department's page, Information in the MPDL Colab wiki.